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It is a DJ school sponsored by KIREEK who achieved 5 consecutive victories of DMC World DJ Championship.


Of course KIREEK is a DJ School in a one to one man full of one-to-one teaching staff members who joined NAO-K, DJ S2, DJ FUSE of the same label also teach DJ, DTM know-how. In 2017, our teacher DJ HI - C student, DJ RENA, won the 2017 DMC WORLD CHAMPION the youngest ever in history.


However, not only teaching DJ techniques but also enjoying the music itself, lectures from the various angles the splendor of music We aim to be the platform of the future DJs that influence various scenes.


I do not have any equipment yet! For those who say "PLANT RECORDS office", I will be teaching with the equipment actually used by DJ! Online lessons using the Internet environment such as Skype are also accepted. Equipment in plant studio can be used. Lessons with carry-on equipment are also possible.


【Master Course】 A number of turn table lists, influencing DJ, the first ever DMC WORLD record 5 consecutive championships A one to one lesson by DJ YASA, DJ HI - C of KIREEK who accomplished.


Scratch, Beat Juggling, DJ Battle Knowledge, knowledge and awareness necessary for you We have a perfect curriculum.

Those who are stuck at the current DJ play, Those who are suffering from rouge production, although they can scratch, those who want to start DJ in earnest It is a recommended class. Master class graduate DJ RENA shined 2017 DMC WORLD CHAMPION.


【DTM course】 Provided by a number of CM sound sources, by PRJ lecturer DJ NAO-K, who has been providing sound sources to MC DTM lesson. In case In case



【Beginner Course】 Learn the basics of DJ Mix, Scratch, Beat Juggling, You can take lessons that will make your music more enjoyable. I want to start DJ now! I want to enjoy more music! I want to learn the basics of scratch! It is perfect class for those! In case In case

Applicable equipment


Techinics SL 1200 MK 3, Mk 5


Pioneer CDJ nexus 2

Pioneer DJM 900 nexus 2

SERATO SL 3 In case


【DTM】 Abeleton LIVE 9

Komplete S49


The content here is a course as a form.


To make each person's dream, goal fulfilled It is an order-made lesson

that will teach lessons with instructors and students so please suggest it!

​大阪府大阪市西区北堀江3-11-9 コーポ西村305
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